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Why you should read this blog.

forlornhope760Are you the type of person who stands in the middle of the room, shakes the remote control at the tv and wonders why it doesn’t change the channel? If you can remember when there were 3 channels and 2 of them were CBC you need to know the problem isn’t you. No, it means someone upgraded the cable to DVR (whatever that means) and added a blue ray player or some other must-have new widget entertainment thingie. This person then took the remote you’ve been using forever and tossed it out because it isn’t smart enough to talk to everything and replaced it with a newer, smarter remote. Now you can’t find last night’s CSI that you always set up to record and, instead, there’s some stupid cooking show where the loser is turned into tomorrow’s meat loaf.


Or your husband won’t get off the computer your son gave you so you could keep in touch by Skype with the family on the east coast. And the dear P1100071 - Version 2man has loaded it with some banking program and a program that tells him the best time for low rates on each golf course between here and your vacation home in Yuma. Oh and that soccer game and the hockey dream pool and ‘you don’t need to use the computer do you? All you’re gonna do is play Solitaire.’

Except every time you try to play Solitaire it freezes or blows up into that blue screen of death thing because of all his programs and something about cookies from the websites he is always looking at.

This blog is for you. You don’t need to be bullied by technology or patronized by family members or afraid every penny in your bank account will be stolen simply because you got an email from some bank saying, “bad people try open your account so please, tell your account numbers here and be click this link.

P1090303I’m going to help you understand what’s happening, what’s important and what there is to be afraid of out on the internets. You don’t have to know how to take a car apart to be able to drive and you don’t need to know how to write code or build a computer to enjoy Skype with the family on the east coast.


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