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Let’s start at the very beginning – of the computer posts, that is.

Blogs have one major drawback in construction when going with the conventional structure of landing on the latest post. In this blog I’m attempting to go through an introduction to computers and basics so I think it makes sense to have links here that go in the logical order of introduction, chapter 1, chapter 2…etc. Except, of course, this isn’t chapters but posts but you get it, right?

I get easily confused with a lot of blogs about finding where a thought started or to find the posts on pie…So, here we go, in order from beginning to the latest post. They are still up in the usual blog style but here you can go the other direction.

Introduction (also the “Why you should read this blog” page)

The Basics #1. Meet the computer

What’s Under the Hood

Desktops – Doing it old school

Everybody wants a laptop … or did he say ‘lap dance’? 

PC’s vs Mac’s

Kicking the Tires on the Showroom Floor

I am not a redacted and other famous redacted words

Opening the lines of Communication


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