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who’s in charge here….

All we had was on our backsThe name is Maureen but, please, call me Moe. I’ve trod this planet for 3 score years now and have spent the last score wrestling with technology. Mostly it’s been a mad stumble to keep up with my husband (a professional techie person) and my two daughters (who know it all and never hesitate to point that out plus how little I know).

It is this adoption of technology out of self defence that puts me in the unique position of understanding enough of what’s going on for non-techs. More importantly, I can explain it in simple terms because simple terms are the only way I can understand it.

I have learned over the years to break everything down to digestible lumps which works for technology and cooking. I also have been a writer of an amateur and semi-professional nature since I was in elementary school. 

So, on to the 2nd question, “Who put me in charge?” Well, I put me in charge because that is what the internet is all about and what a blog is all about. I am from the generation that bridges the gap between the boomers and the gen-xers (here’s a link to a post I wrote on my other blog that says it better). I remember when poodle skirts weren’t nostalgia. I remember when tv bedrooms had only single beds and couples sat on top of the blankets to talk. Just talk.

So, even if I’m not quite old enough to remember some things, I’ll still know where you’re coming from and we can work together on finding the answers.

[If you are a pre-millenial looking for something to help that special member of your family, try putting this on that laptop you’re cleaning up to give him/her. It will be a site they can safely surf and may help answer some questions. It just might save you a head-desk thumping session down the road. You’re welcome.]

This site will explain all of this brave new world in more detail over a variety of posts. If you already know this stuff please join in the discussion with comments and polite offers of assistance. The standard boiler plate for comments is as follows: a)good behaviour at all times; b) if you take the time to comment I will take the time to reply; and of course, c) a strict policy of no feeding the trolls.

Hang on, kids…or as Bette Davis says:


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