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Hot glue, cold posts

glue-gun-So, you have probably noticed one of the major problems with this blog thing. It’s quite common to think how much fun it would be to set up a platform upon which to share with the world all the wisdom one has gathered. Or just a soapbox from which to rant. The problem is finding the right glue to keep the bum in the chair. Or returning to the chair on a regular basis.

There are a few solutions that immediately come to mind, foremost being to set aside a specific time of day to write and post. Unfortunately that solution can lead to other problems.

Dealing with reality is usually the first barrier to regular posting. We have a tendency to view this pastime as secondary to real life. Well, those of us over a certain age have that perspective.

venn diagram cakeThere is a definite “Two kinds of people” aspect to social media and it’s importance. You know what I mean, ‘there are two kinds of people in this world: the 45% who understand statistics and the 65% who don’t.’


This is targeted at an audience who can remember a time before google, computers and being able to ask a box on the mantle to turn off the lights. It makes it easier to assume I don’t have to go into why the real world takes precedence over selfies and dating apps and getting Facebook likes.

The current millenial artgeneration, aka millenials, have incorporated social media seamlessly into their lives. Some of us may feel that they have over incorporated to the point they confuse real life with on-line life.

That’s a debate for another day, however. For us there is a purpose to sites like Facebook and that is they help us keep in touch with our friends and family.

So, I will get myself back on track and return next week with an examination of one of the other current sites, Twitter. How to use it, how to set it up and why it is actually a good thing.

Now I have to turn the channel back to real life and do the dishes. See, there is a big advantage to this blogging and Facebooking and living la vida virtual, it beats the drudgery of the real thing.



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