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Desktops – doing it old school.

car lotOkay, now that we’ve got a few basic terms in hand, let’s move on to the showroom floor. When you decide it’s time to buy a new computer you will be faced with a range of models. This is going to be a short examination of how all those peripherals and boards and drives are arranged and presented to you the baffled consumer.

When you consider buying a truck or sports car, what you’ll use it for and where you’ll expect it to take you determine the number of doors, seats and carrying capacity. The same thing goes for whether you want a desk top, a laptop or tablet computer.

If you plan on doing all your computer work at a desk in your study, the desk top is the optimum choice. In computers memory equals horsepower big ass monitorand you can get a lot of horsepower in a desktop model for a reasonable price. You also have more flexibility in choosing peripherals like screens, scanners, printers and speakers.

Big screens are relatively inexpensive and possible with a desk top. Why is that important? That young whippersnapper sales person will tell you it’s all about watching streaming movies and youTube videos. Well, yes, that’s a selling point but I use my computer mostly for reading emails, news and blogs.  A bigger screen means bigger text and clearer graphics (that’s pictures to us amateurs). In other words,  it’s the difference between this and this.

There are also desktop computers called All-in-One that put the display monitor and computer together. The package may include a keyboard and mouse or it may not. Frequently those peripherals will connect by bluetooth technology which is basically a very short range two way radio network. wife for sale copyVery short range and unique frequency so nobody gets confused as to which peripheral is talking to which computer.  If you hunt around you can still find a usb keyboard or mouse but, trust me, bluetooth is good.

I’ll talk about bluetooth and wifi at a later point as they relate to the wide wonderful world of interactive technology. The bottom line is the days of the old dial up handshake and making tea while the connection establishes are long gone.

In the meantime, walk around the showroom, look at the different types of desktop computers, monitors, keyboards and rodents. Ask the nice young man questions and move on to the next store on your list. If you’re reading this on a hand-me-down or very old model at home, go to a couple of websites, London Drugs and Best Buy to start and take a look at what they have. This will get you familiar with their products without someone breathing down your neck or pushing you to look athonest john something more like this, ma’am.

The main advantages of a desktop model are horsepower (memory), getting the monitor, mouse, printer you want; program speed and, most importantly, low price.  You can talk to your friends who moved across the country and see them almost big as life on a new LED monitor and have a photograph quality printer for all your pictures.

Next up, Laptops and notebooks…

Any questions?

so, like, 20th century

so, like, 20th century




this is now

this is now


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