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Every day is a do over

P1100190This has been dormant for a long time. I’m blogging on other sites but I’m ready to revive this one for Blogging 101 to get me back to the basics. That means getting back to writing every day – yes, I know, this isn’t the first time I’ve been to that particular rodeo, hence the topic for this post.

I blog because I’ve been a writer all my life and communicating to the world is important to me. I journal but this is different. This is reaching out to the world to say I’m here, I have thoughts and ideas and you and I, we matter.

I’m not sure what this particular blog will be about, the topics I’ll cover – I imagine I’ll use it as a way to seed posts for my other blogs and to direct my attentions back to them. It sounds a bit circuitous, I know, but that’s because, for someone who writes in a public medium, I’m very private. It’s complicated and I may get into it later.

Pictures from Mexico 2006_2007 031In the meantime, if I can manage a goal of 500 words a day on specific topics, I’ll be happy. This is the target set by SuzeMuse, an fellow alumnus of  PAB – Podcasters Across Borders. More detail than I want to get into in a short intro post but hopefully, there will be time later to fill in those blanks.

I think this meets the Lamott criteria so I will add my tags and maybe some obscure photos or two just for visual interest (I like reading blogs that have graphics even if the pics don’t make much sense…I agree the attention span needs a bit of a break from endless text to keep interest stumbling along to the end of the page).

I’ll also add the other blogs I look upon as my ‘regular’ places plus the 3rd, more obscure one I’ve neglected the most.

Sudden Alarm of Donkeys – a general, all purpose type blog that is home to the majority of my narrative essay attempts.

west europe IIISermons in Stones – a travel blog that I’ve been a bit more committed to over the past 5 years or so because a) I love to travel and b) it is the one that has more general appeal rather than just me spouting off about whatever I feel like spouting about…

Those 2 are on a family self hosted site maintained by my long suffering husband. I mention this because we are also allowing another organization to utilize the site because we were once heavily involved in the group but for reasons that may become apparent, we hope they move along soon. The traffic the group generates slows down everything I try to post to my blogs and if more than a few people at a time attempt to access either of my blogs, it won’t let you in. “Resource limit reached” is the most you’ll see in that case.

Anyway, the third blog, which is on wordpress.com (i.e. this host) is “Bear no Letter without P1030173Peril” which I started to work out some frustrations I experience as a cradle Catholic hearing so many of the ideas/myths/legends/lies about what the church. First off, you need to understand I’m not a fundamentalist and that I was raised in an atmosphere of critical thinking so it is a defence of most things Catholic but not necessarily along party lines.

Yeah, well, that’s it so far. See you tomorrow…



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